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Paremus provide a coherent build, release, run tool chain that ensures that building and managing OSGi based composite applications is both intuitive and error free. The tooling covers from component development, to deployment to a Service Fabric runtime, and ultimately their retirement.
Sigil is an Apache Felix sub-project and offers a plugin to the Eclipse IDE for development of OSGi components. Further details on Sigil can be found here. We are also starting to integrate Sigil functionality with Bndtools and further details on this will be announced in due course.

Service Fabric Manager


Service Fabric runtime management includes:

  • A role-based, system centric, management framework.
  • The ability to import new Systems into the Service Fabric’s runtime repository.
  • The ability to start, stop and modify imported Systems.
  • The ability to add, modify or delete metadata from selected Service Fabric fibres.
  • Log and event monitoring of deployed Systems, Service Fabric resources and provisioning activities.

The Service Fabric Manager is currently based on the Eclipse RCP framework and provided with the Paremus Service Fabric.


System Configuration and Resource Management (SCARM)


SCARM is a browser-based configuration tool that provides System assembly and validation and includes the following capabilities:

  • Assembly of Systems from selected components, including Replication Handlers and Service Bindings.
  • Validation of assembled Systems against the intended Service Fabric runtime.
  • Resource Contract construction and automatic configuration validation against the target Service Fabric resources.
  • Nimble repository index management, including System ‘patching’ and runtime policy management.
  • Support for multiple Artifactory repositories.
  • Support for multiple target Service Fabric runtimes.
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