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Making Modularity Manageable™

Service Fabric
The Private Cloud runtime for composite applications

Nimble is a lightweight, modular and extensible OSGi™ runtime. Fully supported and highly productive, Nimble provides the necessary foundations for your next generation of low-maintenance composite application.

The Nimble Distribution is available with up to 24 x 7 support and includes:

  • Feature rich Paremus OSGi Shell (Posh) - A unified approach to implementing and running commands on any OSGi framework.
  • The Nimble Resolver – Fast, flexible and highly extensible; the industries most sophisticated and simple to use policy based OBR dependency resolver and provisioner.
  • Paremus Remote Service Admin (RSA) - a high quality, high performance implementation of the OSGi Alliance’s distributed OSGi specification.
  • OSGi R4 v4.2 compliant OSGi service platforms – a choice of OSGi 4.2 compliant OSGi service platforms.

For technical details about Nimble please refer to the online documentation.

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The Paremus Service Fabric enables composite applications (OSGi™, WAR or JEE) to be simply deployed, scaled and managed across a data center of elastic compute resource.

The Service Fabric adapts to meet the runtime requirements of each application; automatically satisfying all runtime dependencies including the dynamic provisioning of required middleware.

Key features include:

  • Robust - A self-repairing runtime.
  • High Performance –A low latency DDS based distributed messaging backplane for service monitoring, discovery and configuration.
  • Model Driven - Reducing application TCO through automation. Simplifying deployment, management and configuration of composite applications and enabling dynamic scaling.
  • Middleware agnostic – Avoiding framework and middleware lock-in.

The Service Fabric supports a number of optional pre-integrated open-source and commercial Runtime Patterns,

Paremus also provides a complete release tool chain (see Tooling): from the developer IDE, System configuration and release management, to runtime deployment and system monitoring.

For further technical details see our online documentation.

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