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The Executive perspective
Discover how the Service Fabric addresses business agility, service availability, governance and operational simplicity.
For the Architect
Break down the silos and middleware lock-in with a runtime that enables evolvable architectures.
The Developer
OSGi meets Cloud on the Service Fabric and Making Modularity Manageable with Nimble.
The Operational advantage
How can the Service Fabric help you reduce OPEX and increase service availability?

New OSGi Training Course Dates

Our popular 4-day courses are now available in London, Maryland, New York and Frankfurt. Book now for early-bird discounts.
Agility & Modularity, Two Sides of the Same Coin!
Richard Nicholson discusses the natural link between Agility and Modularity in a series of blog posts
Cloud: The Wasted Decade

The industries fixation on the virtual machine image as the enabler for Cloud Computing has been a mistake! Rather than deployment of static images we should be dynamcially assembling modular applications!

Other news

Discover how the Paremus Service Fabric can transform your IT environment , saving you money, improving your agility and providing competitive advantage.

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Distributing and Managing Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi™ Services
with the Paremus Service Fabric (Infiniflow)
Using OSGi™ and SCA to Deliver Composite Applications

Enterprise OSGi™ - Why Should I Care?

ESBs and Beyond - Harnessing the Paremus Service Fabric Community Edition (Newton) for Advanced Messaging
  White Papers

The Paremus Service Fabric - A Technical Overview

Complexity, Components and Clouds
Introduction to the Paremus Service Fabric Community Edition (Newton)

How to Build Large Scale Enterprise Applications using OSGi™

How to distribute SpringDM for OSGi

OSGi in the Enterprise

OSGi Release Versioning Strategies

Posh – an OSGi Shell

Nimble & dependency management

June 2008
  OSGi is here ... but is it a recipe for disillusionment in the enterprise?
  The Infiniflow ESB service - a scalable, resilient messaging solution
  ESBs and Beyond - harnessing Newton for advanced messaging
February 2008
  Revolutionizing Java development and SOA runtimes
  Webinars: OSGi, Spring and SCA
  Learn about Infiniflow, the world's first OSGi-based distributed runtime for Spring applications
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